For yet another assignment for my Publishing to the Web class, I turned an article that I wrote – which was never published – for MURL into an actual web story. Delving into the issue of the disparity between Philadelphia’s “Haves” and “Have-nots,” I initially sought to highlight the budgeting decisions that allowed for the implementation of the new solar paneled trash receptacles littered throughout Philadelphia’s elite neighborhoods while still neglecting what seemed to be rising numbers of homeless citizens. After a rather in-depth interview with President & CEO of The Center City District (CCD), Paul Levy, however, I discovered that not only did these seemingly expensive, environmentally friendly trash receptacles first get introduced by the privately funded organization, but that CCD also employs numerous different teams and organizations that work in partnership with the city and the Philadelphia Police Department to help keep the city safe and clean while also attempting to assist those previously mentioned displaced Philadelphians. For more information, check out my story, “Mo’ Money? Mo’ Problems?”

CCD Boundary Map

Philadelphia's Center City District Boundary Map. Photo Courtesy of the CCD.


In studying journalism at TU in this day and age, it only comes with the territory that we are not simply required to learn how to put sentences together to create a decent article but we also need to acquire these constantly evolving yet prevalent “multi-media” skills. So, in my last semester here at TU, I am taking this class called Publishing to the Web which is basically a design class. I know I’m not THAT much older than my fellow classmates but the 6-8 year age gap is becoming more and more apparent when it comes to dealing with these “webby” classes… I mean, I consider myself pretty good at computers but these Adobe programs are tough! But, I digress…

My first assignment for Publishing to the Web was to create my very own flash animation – so, check it out! And remember, I’m STILL learning!

My First Flash Assignment