So, while not only being a good friend and my bestie’s beau, Adam Hershberger is an extraordinarily talented artist in every sense of the word. His vast range of prowess over the brass extends across a plethora of musical performance groups – you never know what’s coming next! Check out my second Flash project where I attempt to provide a glimpse into the symphonic expertise that is THE HERSH…


PS Sorry, Adam, if I’m making you blush here! 🙂


In studying journalism at TU in this day and age, it only comes with the territory that we are not simply required to learn how to put sentences together to create a decent article but we also need to acquire these constantly evolving yet prevalent “multi-media” skills. So, in my last semester here at TU, I am taking this class called Publishing to the Web which is basically a design class. I know I’m not THAT much older than my fellow classmates but the 6-8 year age gap is becoming more and more apparent when it comes to dealing with these “webby” classes… I mean, I consider myself pretty good at computers but these Adobe programs are tough! But, I digress…

My first assignment for Publishing to the Web was to create my very own flash animation – so, check it out! And remember, I’m STILL learning!

My First Flash Assignment