Jewish Garage Punk Emerges from the Heart of the South!

July 23, 2010




JDub Digital is excited to announce the release of Can!!Can’s debut LP, MONSTERS & HEALERS, which is available NOW EVERYWHERE!

Can!!Can - Monsters & Healers - JDub Digital

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia’s Can!!Can is Patrick Aleph (vocals), Mary Collins (guitar), and Joshua Lamar (drums). The three are a trio to be reckoned with! Can!!Can makes dark, but playful garage punk that thinks.

Why the name Can!!Can? The band won’t say for sure, joking “Patrick can, and Mary can, and Josh is the exclamation points.”


Can!!Can Performing One of Their Iconoclastic Live Performances

MONSTER’S & HEALERS draws from the worlds of alternative, dance, metal and punk. Mary’s distorted guitar and bass combination fuels the fire with Mudhoney fuzz, while Josh’s drumming asserts itself as the massive driving force that stokes the coals. Throughout, Patrick’s broken yelps and howls are rough, yet pure against Josh and Mary’s effervescent backing vocals that go from old-time radio coos to riot grrl gang chants.

The lyrics on the record are a striking expression of the band’s fascination with spirituality, and Patrick’s thematic explorations of holy Jewish texts. Songs like “Giants” (You build an altar/You find a priest/Two tablets tell us what to do and say and feel and think), “Black Rainbow” (Will you come to me/In our Tent of Meet/Shine your face on me/For all my offerings), and “God Lives in NYC” (In the city of forbidden fruit/Child, you know you’ll touch the sky/HaShem brings a beautiful light/Bottled up when the city’s alive) illustrate Can!!Can’s complex understanding that mythology, spirituality and rock ‘n roll are inextricably tied together.


Can!!Can's Patrick Aleph, Mary Frances Collins, and Josh Lamar

Live, Can!!Can quadruples the force you hear on MONSTERS & HEALERS, with Patrick writhing and thrashing about both on and off the stage. Can!!Can has played with bands like The Electric Six, Living Things, The Coathangers, Peelander-Z, Bobby Bare Jr. among others.

MONSTERS & HEALERS is sure to spread

Can!!Can’s particular brandof Atlanta punk across the nation.

JDub Records is a non profit dedicated to innovative Jewish music, community, and cross-cultural dialogue. JDub has released albums by Matisyahu, Balkan Beat Box, Golem, and Michael Showalter.

PRESS CONTACT: BECCA LANEBeLa Media – 215.620.7900

Hit me up if you would like a copy of the album for review or to set something up with one of the trio or for any other press materials!


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